A clear head and wellbeing

Frequent headaches, anxiety and stress.

CEFALY can change your life. With its pleasant

stimulative effect, it inhibits pain, arrests

headaches, calms anxiety and soothes stress.

A few sessions a week are all that’s needed

to restore your wellbeing, clear your head and

alleviate stress.



• Anterior tension headaches

• Migraines with or without aura

• Treatment of stress and anxiety

• Cluster headache

• Ophthalmic shingles

• Frontal sinusitis (symptomatic treatment)

• Trigeminal neuralgia affecting the first branch of the trigeminal nerve (Willis ophthalmic nerve).


Very recently external cranial neurostimulation has been developed. The technical progresses consist in having a practical and comfortable device. Before the technique wasn’t used because it was painful and complicate. STX-Med has made significant progresses in electronic and devices simple to use. The first device available is intended for supra orbital neurostimulation and so-called CEFALY® The company is currently doing researches about devices for other location of neurostimulation as occipital and neck. Therefore Cefaly technique is external neurostimulation but very similar to implanted neurostimulators: similar electrical parameters leading to same basic action of triggering action potentials on nerves at same frequency.


Ultragel 2000 Ltd, is kindly informing  its partners that also in year 2010, we are participating in MEDICA Exhibition, Düsseldorf, 17-20 November, on  the world’s largest medical trade fair.

We are welcoming all our current or future hungarian and foreign partners on our stand E45, in hall 9.

Looking forward to meeting You!

(During the exhibition period there won’t be any intermission in online ordering and purchasing)

Medica 2010

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MAXTER NITRIL kék púdermentes, 3.6gr, 200db vizsgálókesztyű

MAXTER NITRIL kék púdermentes, 3.6gr, 200db vizsgálókesztyű
MAXTER NITRIL kék púdermentes, 3.6gr, 200db vizsgálókesztyű
Maxter Blue nitril pormentes, prémium minőségű nitril vizsgálókesztyű, amely nagyobb szakítószilárdságot és védelmet nyújt, mint a latex és a vinyl.

Pormentes nitril
Nem steril
Hosszított mandzsetta
Az ujjaknál texturált
Latex mentes
AQL 1.5
CE jelzéssel
Megfelel az EN 455 1, 2, 3 és 4 részeinek
(EU) 2016/425 PPE rendelet: III. kategória
Orvosi eszköz: I. osztály
26 Ft
Quantity discount:
200+  pcs
26 Ft/pcs
1 000+  pcs
23 Ft/pcs
2 000+  pcs
21 Ft/pcs
Article No.
Minimum order quantity
200 pcs
Quantity options
200 pcs, 400 pcs, 600 pcs, 800 pcs, ...

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