Antidecubitus matrac kompreszorral DYNA FLOW 8000 (160kg)

Antidecubitus matrac kompreszorral DYNA FLOW 8000 (160kg)
Antidecubitus matrac kompreszorral DYNA FLOW 8000 (160kg)
390 000 Ft
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Intenzív osztályokra ajánlott kimondottan tartós üzemeltetésre szánt DYNA FLOW 8000 antidecubitus matrac kompresszorral.
- nagyfokú terhelhetőség: 160kg
- 12 mosható, cserélhető 20,3cm magasságú cella
- ágyvégre akasztható csendes, kompakt működésű mikrochippel vezérelt intelligens (Fuzzy Logic) nyomásszabályozós kompresszor (10-40Hgmm)
- kompresszor teljesítmény: 8 l/perc
- matrac mérete: 200x90cm, CPR - szeleppel
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DYNAFLO 8000 consists of a digitally controlled low-pressure pump designed with the Fuzzy Logic technology and a 20,3cm-high mattress with interchangeable double-bladder cells. The cells' height allows you to use the DynaFlo 8000 mattress as a replacement mattress. The internal microchip processor enables DynaFlo8000 to offer high performance, high volume output and multifunctional features. An ALTERNATING pressure relief system continuously and sequentially inflates and deflates air cells to maintain an interface pressure consistently below 32mmHg while stimulating blood circulation. DynaFlo 8000 incorporates the advanced STATIC feature for the convenience of performing routine duties: this function allows the caretaker to suspend the alternating mode of the mattress and change it into a regular air mattress with pressure adjusting capability. There are 2 LED indicators to check the mattress pressure status. The pump is equipped with a large filter that filters out bacteria and allows only the clean air to flow into the pump unit. This substantially increases the life expectancy of the pump. DynaFlo 8000 is also provided with an audible alarm to warn caretakers and patients when the inner pressure of the elements is below 5mmHg. The alarm can be reset by pressing the red button on the side panel. Quick connectors allow to easily and quickly connect and disconnect the air hoses between mattress and pump. The tubes are "spring-loaded" to help prevent kinks or unwanted bendings. This helps the pump supply the best airflow to the mattress. Tubes come with a vinyl cover to prevent any unwanted dust and dirt. The bottom of the mattress is equipped with slip-resistant mats to avoid any movement. The mattress is supplied with a CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) valve designed for a quick release of air from the cells when there is an emergency need to perform CPR on the patient. The cells are manufactured with the patented "cell-in-cell" design that can provide additional support in case of power failure, when the pump is unable to supply air pressure to the cells. The mattress comes with a convenient waterproof cover fixed by means of a "zipper-all-around" that encloses the mattress cells properly, ensures sanitation and provides a better upkeep of the mattress. 9 of the 20 cells are equipped with low air loss holes which provide good ventilation and keep the user dry from unwanted humidity building-up between the body and the mattress. The cells in the C-section of the mattress are designed to simulate the softness and stability of a regular mattress. This enables the patient to rest with the comfort of a cushion. The pump can be hung to the end of the bed by means of two hooks.

Feeding: 110V/60Hz; 230V/50Hz - Feeding cable: 3m - Pressure range: 10~40mmHg - Air output: >8l/mn - Cycle time: 10mn - Micro processor: with
built-in semiconductor pressure sensors - Dimensions: 30x10,5x22,5cm - Weight: 3,4kg - Low and normal pressure LED indicators - CPC connectors
Dimensions: 200x90x20,3cm - Weight: 10kg - Cover, cell and base material: Nylon + PU - Cell height: 20,3cm - Number of cells: 20 - Number of
cells with holes: 9 - CPR valve - Weight support: 160kg - Package dimensions: 55,3x33x50,8cm - Package weight: 18kg
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18 kg/db
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