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Altatógépgép - ANAESTON 5000

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Expert Class Performance:
-Single (O2), double (O2+N2O) or triple (O2+N2O+air) gas sources models available for option
-Dual flowmeters for each gas source with more precise adjustment for low-flow anaesthesia
-Tidal volume setting from 20 to 1500mL, applicable for adult, pediatric and neonate
-Dynamic tidal volume feedback and compensation with precise control
-Abundant ventilation modes (differed from model to model)
-Double vaporizer positions, compatible with Enflurane, Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane and Desflurane of
-SELECTATEC™ interface
-Pressure differential flow sensor with variable diameters, automatically adaptive for adult, pediatric and neonate modes
-High efficiency double-layer CO2 absorbers with high efficiency
-Modular compact airway circuit with minimal dead space and low condensation
-Optional backup cylinder system with pressure regulator
-RS-232 interface available
Safety in Every Detail:
-Reliable aluminum alloy structure
-Double assurance and protections by dynamic tidal volume feedback and compensation system
-Preset limit to prevent over compensation
-Allowing turnoff in case flow sensor failure
-Separate pressure and flow sensors for rapidly locating in case of malfunction
-Preventing patients from hypoxia
-N2O/O2 linkage adjustment (available for double or triple gas sources models)
-Oxygen sensor monitoring (standard for double or triple gas sources models, optional for single gas source models)
-Manual bellow with APL valve substitution in case of A.C. power supply failure
-Monitoring and display of tidal volume value with backup internal battery in manual mode
-Physical insulation of oxygen and electricity, avoiding potential risk of explosion
-Independent bellow system with its own base, allowing disassembly for sterilization or leakage detection as a whole
-Intelligent control to prevent mistakes in parameter setting
-Alarm system
-Analysis abnormal events relating time value, to avoid false response of transient abnormal events (flashingdi splay for transient abnormal events)
-3-level audio and visual classification
-Automatically ranking alarm events according to importance
-Automatic self-check after “power on”, with error code and trouble-shooting indicator in case of problem

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