A clear head and wellbeing

Frequent headaches, anxiety and stress.

CEFALY can change your life. With its pleasant

stimulative effect, it inhibits pain, arrests

headaches, calms anxiety and soothes stress.

A few sessions a week are all that’s needed

to restore your wellbeing, clear your head and

alleviate stress.



• Anterior tension headaches

• Migraines with or without aura

• Treatment of stress and anxiety

• Cluster headache

• Ophthalmic shingles

• Frontal sinusitis (symptomatic treatment)

• Trigeminal neuralgia affecting the first branch of the trigeminal nerve (Willis ophthalmic nerve).


Very recently external cranial neurostimulation has been developed. The technical progresses consist in having a practical and comfortable device. Before the technique wasn’t used because it was painful and complicate. STX-Med has made significant progresses in electronic and devices simple to use. The first device available is intended for supra orbital neurostimulation and so-called CEFALY® The company is currently doing researches about devices for other location of neurostimulation as occipital and neck. Therefore Cefaly technique is external neurostimulation but very similar to implanted neurostimulators: similar electrical parameters leading to same basic action of triggering action potentials on nerves at same frequency.


Ultragel 2000 Ltd, is kindly informing  its partners that also in year 2010, we are participating in MEDICA Exhibition, Düsseldorf, 17-20 November, on  the world’s largest medical trade fair.

We are welcoming all our current or future hungarian and foreign partners on our stand E45, in hall 9.

Looking forward to meeting You!

(During the exhibition period there won’t be any intermission in online ordering and purchasing)

Medica 2010

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Contact Gels - Ultrasound gels, IPL gels, ECG gels,

ULTRAGEL's products, developed and manufactured in-house, have been sold in 52 countries around the world in addition to domestic users for more than 25 years.

We produce more than 1000 tons of gel per year, a large part of which is supplied to our European partners. Our products are typically sold through our foreign wholesale partners, supplied with individual labels. Our objective is to provide a clear alternative to ultrasound gel sourcing by focusing on the European market, which we achieve through our prompt responses to administrative queries from our customers.

In addition to high volume, our aim is to produce high quality, which has been recognised by several international and national awards.

The raw materials of our products do not contain irritating substances, however, in some cases allergic reactions may occur.

We place great emphasis on compliance with hygiene requirements during production, and our company is already prepared for certification to the MDR standard, while the ISO13485 standard is verified by the SGS certifier.

Why is it important that the ultrasound gel is bubble-free?

It is important for ultrasound gel to be bubble-free for several reasons:

1. **Accurate ultrasound image:** The presence of bubbles in the ultrasound gel can reduce the transmission and reflect ultrasound waves, which can distort the ultrasound image. Bubble-free gel ensures a clear and accurate ultrasound image, which is essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

2. **Reduces confusion:** The presence of bubbles can increase confusion in the ultrasound image, such as spots or shadows, which can make it difficult for the technician to assess and identify.

3.**Safety:** The presence of bubbles on the ultrasound gel may increase the risk of injury or irritation to the patient's skin, especially if they form on sensors or handpieces located above the ultrasound.

4. **Improved sensitivity:** Bubble-free gel allows for more accurate and efficient transmission and reflection of ultrasound waves, which increases sensitivity and can help identify smaller or deeper structures.

Overall, bubble-free ultrasound gel is essential for accurate and reliable ultrasound examinations, which can be important in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


Can ultrasound gel cause irritation?

In general, ultrasound gel is made from hypoallergenic ingredients and is specifically designed for contact with the skin to minimize irritation or allergic reactions. However, some individuals may be more sensitive to certain ingredients and may experience skin irritation or allergic reactions after using the gel.

Signs of irritation or allergy may include redness, itching, burning sensation or rash. If you experience these symptoms after using ultrasound gel, immediately rinse the skin with plenty of water and discontinue further use of the gel. If the irritation or allergic reaction is severe or persistent, consult a dermatologist or doctor.

In order to minimise the risk of irritation or allergic reactions, it is advisable to try the ultrasound gel on a small area first and observe the skin's reaction. If there is no negative reaction, you can continue to use the gel regularly. In addition, it is important to always follow the instructions given by the ultrasound gel manufacturer or your doctor for optimal use.