Smart Tens készülék- kijelzővel - 2 csatornás -UG123802

Smart Tens készülék-  kijelzővel - 2 csatornás -UG123802
Smart Tens készülék- kijelzővel - 2 csatornás -UG123802
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TENS is a therapeutic technique mainly used for analgesic purposes in physiotherapy.
Suitable for a wide variety of pain therapies: acute or chronic pain, muscular pain, post-operative pain and also pains caused by pregnancy. It’s usually divided according to its action mechanism in tens conventional, tens endorphinic, tens sequential, tens maximum value, tens Burst. EMS is a stimulating technique activating muscular contractions through electrical impulses. As in TENS stimulation, impulses are applied to patient through electrodes placed next to the muscles to be treated. In physiotherapy EMS is used for post-trauma and post-operative muscular rehabilitation and also as a complementary aid in sports activity and aesthetic treatments. Basic programmes used in TENS treatments together with EMS classic protocols are combined in this product. SMART TENS offers a wide possibility to treat acute and chronic pains (TENS) and muscular strengthening and stimulation (EMS). Supplied with 2 connection cables for electrodes, 4 pre-gelled electrodes, belt clip, 4xAAA size batteries, user manual (GB, FR, IT, DE, ES) in a carrying bag.
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Technical Specifications
• Combined electrotherapy unit with 2 independent channels
• Compensated biphasic square wave: current quantity from positive pole to negative one is constant to avoid hazardous thermal effect of polarization
• 6 TENS stored programmes
• 1 TENS free programme
• 5 EMS stored programmes
• 1 EMS free programme
• 2/120 Hz waveform frequency
• 50/400 µs width impulse
• 60 mA maximum intensity
• Power supply 4 batteries AAA Size
• Size: 68 x 110 x 31 mm
• Weight: 85 g (without batteries)
• Digital keyboard
• Quick start guide on-line
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