Mosquito szúnyogcsipés utáni bőrápoló - angol - zöld

Mosquito szúnyogcsipés utáni bőrápoló - angol - zöld
Mosquito szúnyogcsipés utáni bőrápoló - angol - zöld
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"A few clicks to soothe the irritation caused by insects, medusae and nettle.
Very often in summer evenings you are subject to attacks from obnoxious insects such as mosquitoes. The itch and the swelling resulting from their bites are very annoying and you feel a strong impulse to scratch the affected area whose consequence is to further irritate the skin.
To get rid of such fastidious problems is very simple with the aid of a very handy small electronic device: ECO-CLICK.

Advanced technology, easy to use

The use of short electrical impulses, of a predetermined high voltage and low amperage, absolutely safe for the human body and almost completely painless, has been used for many years in other first-aid of medical fields.It operates by piezo-electricity, i.e. generation of electrical discharges obtained by compression on the surface of some quartz crystals.
This is why ECO-CLICK requires neither a battery nor other energy source but only light pressure on the little push button generating the discharge. Thanks to it we could manufacture a little device to being keep always ready at hand. ECO-CLICK is ecological, it has no adverse indication and does not release chemical substances, and it has a large expected life (about 5000 bites.

Indications of use

Take the device in your hand like a syringe. Place the terminal pointed part of ECO-CLICK on the area where there's the mosquito bite. Press the activating button more times as necessary.
For adults 4-5 impulses are able to remove the itch, while about 10-15 impulses are necessary to reabsorb the swelling; children generally need half dose."
Kérdés a termékről
Technical Specifications
"• Discharge voltage: 14 Kv
• Amperage: 0.7 mA
• Duration of single discharge: 0.01
• Weight: only 10 grams
• Small dimensions:
- Ø 24 mm
- Length: 63 mm
• Power: piezoelecticity
• Operating life 25000 discharges or 5000 bites"
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