Kosárhordágy - rögzítő hevederekkel - UG695069

Kosárhordágy - rögzítő hevederekkel - UG695069
Kosárhordágy - rögzítő hevederekkel - UG695069
269 240 Ft
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Robust, resistant and flexible, it is ideal for a wide range of rescue operations in mines, at altitude and in water. A revolutionary production technique ensures uniform thickness of the entire length of the stretcher. The shell is in high-density polyethylene and is joined to an aluminium framework for better strength. The handles for transport, integrated in the structure, are placed along the entire perimeter. The grommets for the fixing of the spring catches of the harnessing are in stainless steel. Inside the shell there is a removable mattress, applied with Velcro®, made in closedcell EPDM, which makes it impermeable to both blood and water. High density polyethylene guarantees shatterproofness and sanitization. It can contain a spine board. Comes with nylon rope along entire perimeter, three 50 mm nylon belts with quick-release buckles, water resistant and closed-cell mattress, footrest in pre-formed polyethylene with position regulator.
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Technical Specifications
• Size (LxWxH): 217 x 62 x 18.5 cm
• Load capacity: 280 kg
• Weight: 13.5 kg
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14 kg/db
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