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Histofreezer, fagyasztó spray -30588

Histofreezer, fagyasztó spray -30588
41 275 Ft41275

Histofreezer, fagyasztó spray. 10 sec. alatt -50˚C. 150 ml plusz 50 db 5 mm-es applikátorral
  • All the power of traditional cryotherapy in a convenient spray bottle.
    This innovative system greatly reduces the cost of single treatment in comparison with alternative solutions.
    HistofreezerŽ is applied in a little time besides that it is extremely portable.
    Extensive studies and clinical trials demonstrated the product effectiveness, which is fully comparable to liquid nitrogen applications.
    HistofreezerŽ refrigerating liquid is made of diethyl ether, propane and isobutane. This special solution produces the "freezing" of the involved part.
    Then the detachment of skin from underlying tissues will occur with consequent removal of viral lesion.
    This method provides a series of meaningful advantages for the patient:
    �It does not require local anaesthesia, sutures or bandages thus recovering time are shortened to a bare minimum
    �Healthy tissues are damaged to a very limited extent
    �It limits the risk of anaesthetic depigmentations or scars.

    �Insert tip into bottle hole
    �Press button until tip is saturated appearance of liquid gas drops
    �Wait about 15 seconds to obtain gas evaporation and relative cooling to -55°
    �Place tip on lesion to be treated for a variable timing between 15 and 40 sec depending on lesion type.
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