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RES-Q-VAC kézi váladékszívó szűrővel

 RES-Q-VAC kézi váladékszívó szűrővel
  •  RES-Q-VAC kézi váladékszívó szűrővel
42 609 Ft42609
This lightweight and hand held suction Unit requires no batteries or electrics and yet provides powerful suction whenever and wherever you need it. The original and filtered Res-Q-Vac offers ultimate safety and ease of use for the professional and fits easily into any emergency bag or ambulance.
Key Features
- Portable Hand Powered Suction
- Hospital suction level performance >600mmHg
- Always ready to go, no set up required, no batteries to recharge
- Patented 0.22 equivalent micron disposable filter for ultimate infection control
- Easy snap on replacement disposable canister sets with Adult and Child catheters
- Convenient one-handed operation
- Each unit 100% tested for reliability
Kit includes: Res-q-Vac pump, canister 300 ml with filter, soft cannula Ø 12.7 mm
  • Technical Specifications
    • Weight: 143 g
    • Size: 114 x 180 x 55 mm.
    • Max vacuum: > 600 mmHg
    • Min. vacuum after 2 activations: > 400 mmHg
    • Capacity before full:
    - adult: 290 ml
    - pediatric 50 ml
    • Inner Ø of adult catheter: 9.53 mm
    • Length of adult catheter: 272 mm
    • Pump is suitable for cold or ETO sterilization
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