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"Baby Friend" ultrahangos szúnyogriasztó

"Baby Friend" ultrahangos szúnyogriasztó
7 874 Ft
"Ultrasonic repelling device against mosquitos.

BABYFRIEND is an advanced electronic instrument that protects you without being noticed and leaving the air that you breath free from any odor.
Friend sets you free from mosquitoes with imperceptible ultrasounds.
It diffuses ultrasounds at a wide range that cannot be audible for humans.
The working frequency varies automatically from 22 to 28 KHz to avoid enhane effectivness and disturb mosquitoes of different species.
With a very fast wave sequence BABYFRIEND diffuses ultrasound waves of different frequencies to cover the whole sensitivity arc of mosquitoes.
You cannot hear it; it does not disturb or bother you.
The ultrasounds stun the mosquitoes that move away from the place where BABYFRIEND is working, or they have troubles in flying and they cannot sting anymore.
Itdoes not diffuse any substance in the air.
You will not need to ventilate the room before entering it. You can keep it on as long as you like, even when you are in the room.
For this reason, it is the most environment-friendly solution to get protected from mosquitoes. It is a true friend for everybody and above all for children because it diffuses a relaxing and reassuring green night-light. If you keep it on day and night, it protects your children against mosquitoes and it calms them down while they are asleep.
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